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                 Dancer Testimonials


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"Dancing is a passion. Everyone at DancExcel knows and supports this.  We are all one big family"

Amy Mc, 15

"Dancing is a lot of fun and good exercise-I might get a six pack muscles! I have made a very good friend there and can't wait until after the summer when my classes start back.  The teachers are very good and they teach us hard routines that are fun to learn"

Morgan O, 8

"DancExcel is full of kind, loving people and joining has made me a better dancer.  I love coming to dancing every week"

Megan Mc, 13

"I have been coming to DancExcel for 3 years and I have learned that true friends are dancing friends!"

Gemma B, 12

"I like coming to dancing because i enjoy dancing and really enjoy street dance.  I also love DancExcel because we have such good dance coaches that encourage and support us"

Kirsty Mc, 10

"I like DancExcel because we do gymnastics and cheer.  I love doing the shows and competitions"

Keely Mc, 8

"My favourite thing is hip hop"

Kayla, 3

"I love coming to DancExcel.  I have become much more flexible.  I have been attending DancExcel since it started 4 years ago and I have loved every minute of it! We have such good teachers-I love them!"

Amy McV, 10

"4 years at DancExcel has been amazing spending it with Miss Emma!"

Lisa H, 11

"DancExcel is fun-everyone is nice"

Chelsea, 14

"I love DancExcel because we get taught very well.  You get to learn lots of new things every day.  Everyone is kind and helpful so come to DancExcel"

Jessica N, 7

"I have been at DancExcel for 5 years now!  Every time we perform at an event we always make people smile!"

Megan VZ, 12

"I love DancExcel because I like ballet, tap and street.  I think I do well and I like everything about my dances."

Amber S, 8

"Since starting at DancExcel I have made many new friends and even the teenage girls do not walk by you when they see you outside of class-they always stop for a chat to make sure that we are alright.  Last year I danced in the Mitchell Theatre and it was really fun-in fact it was the best day ever"

Emma L, 10

"I'm so happy I joined DancExcel. I've only been here since December 2015 and already I feel like I've fitted in so well!  All the girls are really nice and I feel my dancing has improved!"

Sophie S, 12

"Dancing at DancExcel is my life, it makes me happy"

Olivia M, 9

"I love DancExcel because I learn cool and funky moves"

Amber M, 7

"I like doing punches and bounces"

Sophie, 3

"I have only been at DancExcel for 9 months and I have really enjoyed it!  I am really looking forward to my first show with DancExcel"

Jenna C, 13

"Since I've joined DancExcel I have loved all the new people I've met and how you have fun but keep fit at the same time"

Emma H, 13

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