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"My daughter has been dancing with DancExcel for over 3 years now and I have to say that she is a lot happier and more advanced in dancing than she was in her old school.  She loves assisting in the younger class and has shown that she has the patience and compassion for dancers younger and older than herself.  Best thing we ever done was move her.  Emma should be extremely proud of the school, the coaches, and all her dancers.  I have no hesitation in recommending this dance school!"

Amy Mc's mum

"Both my girls were 2 years old when they started dance classes at DancExcel in Erskine.  They were both very shy and never wanted to leave my side.  With the time, love and dedication from Miss Emma and her coaches they blossomed.  Their confidence grew and so did their love of dance.  My oldest has sat and passed 2 sets of exams and performed in 3 spectacular shows! My youngest has performed in one and they have both loved every minute of it all!  I can't thank Miss Emma and her team enough for all they do and for the memories they are giving my girls!"

Alyssa and Lilyanna's mum

"Since joining DancExcel 18 months ago, my girls' confidence has soared.  They are now attending classes 3 nights per week and cannot wait to get there!  They are enjoying many styles of dance and keeping fit at the same time.  It's a great way to meet new friends and build new relationships."

Jenna and Hannah's mum

"My daughter joined DancExcel at age 3 1/2yrs and has loved it from day one! The coaches and the helpers have been amazing and really bring out the confidence in the girls.  They are loads of fun but get the dance moves done at the same time! The girls and boys in class all seem to have a great time and there is always a fun, if even a little crazy, atmosphere all the time! I couldn't recommend them highly enough.  The children are put through exams and an annual show.  It's a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes but it all comes together perfectly!"

Millie's mum

"The coaches have brought my shy girl out of her shell and worked wonders with her concentration which has benefitted every aspect of her life"

Emma L's mum

"DancExcel is a fantastic, well run dance school.  My daughter has gained so much confidence.  Emma, Dael, and all the dance teachers are amazing! They believe in the kids, which for me is why my daughter has progressed so well.  Amazing dance school which will continue to grow and achieve all their dreams!"

Jessica's mum

"An inspiring experience...

I can't praise DancExcel highly enough.  5 years ago my then 5 year old daughter started a new dance school and a whole new chapter of her life!  Roisin's love of all things ballet had been evident from a young age but we'd been told 'not a lot of dance schools do much ballet these days'...Emma Marshall has obviously never heard of that! Although Roisin loves all her dance classes, ballet is her passion and because of the dedication and belief from Miss Emma, she has now gained a highly sought after place on the Junior Associate Programme at The Scottish Ballet! Miss Dael's attitude and passion for street dance has also given Roisin an attitude not to be messed with! Thank you DancExcel for the belief and passion you give to all your students."

Roisin's mum

"My two daughters have loved DancExcel from day one! My daughters have learned more than dancing-they have learned discipline, confidence, and more importantly respect to work together.  All the girls really get along well and have a genuine passion to perform to the high standards expected of them.  This is an excellent dance school I have no hesitation in recommending!"

Mia and Darcey's mum

"Dancing is Kirsty's whole world! Since joining DancExcel her confidence and passion has grown.  She looks forward to dance classes and attends just about everyone there is! Her ability to choreograph her own dances is a testimony to the work of the fab teachers!"

Kirsty's mum

"I have seen my daughter grow in confidence and ability over the last couple of years.  Seeing her take part in a theatre production and also pass her first exams has been a joy to see and simply wouldn't have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Miss Emma and the girls.  Kenzie says she loves dancing and Miss Emma.  She loves dancing with her friends and doing roly polys in gymnastics"

Kenzie's mum

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